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2022-2023 ICAGeorgia

Order before May 5, 2023.

- 8.5"x11" size, hardcover, perfect-bound book
- Full-color pages, packed with event & school life photos from this school year, Teachers pages, Classroom pages, and Personal ad pages!

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Submit your ad page design BY FRIDAY 4/28.


Add your own memories to our exclusive ICAG Memory Book 2022-2023! Perfect way to keep all your memories from this unforgettable year in one special book!


- For your personal memory keepsake!

- For shout out message to your child!

- Business ad also welcome!

Do you want to share your photos?

We need your photos for Events & School Life Pages in Memory Book!

Send us your photos from our events & this year's digital school life!

Image only. Not the actual Memory Book.

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