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11/9 PTO General Meeting Agenda

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

All parents are welcome!! Pease RSVP here!!

Time : 8:20-9:20am

Location: Cafeteria


Please park your vehicle at the other side of the parking lot (the dumpster side). Some students are doing PE at the building side parking at the time.

Please make sure to wait in front of the cafeteria, so we do not block access to the school office door for students arriving late.

Meeting Agenda

  • First PTO MEMBER ONLY Poll of the Year (Become a member here to vote.)

  • How should we use our funds to enhance the educational experiences at ICAG?

  • This poll will be emailed to PTO Paid Members only. One vote per household. Below are items that will be on this poll.

  1. Fund a library makeover and purchase book check-in/check-out system.

  2. The school has a library but they do not have a check-in or check-out system. We could fundraise to help the school set a process for their library.

  3. Fund buses to ensure more affordable school field trips.

  4. In comparison to public schools, field trips at ICAG can be more expensive because of the cost of buses. If the PTO funds buses for school field trips, the field trips may be more affordable for families.

  5. Pay for table/chair/linen rentals for a school-hosted ticketed event for 3rd-5th graders.

  6. The school is hosting a ticketed fundraising event for 3rd-5th graders this spring. This fundraising event will benefit all students for English and Japanese curricula. The PTO has been requested to fund the tables/chairs/linens rentals for this event. The estimated cost is $600-$800.

  7. Purchase PE equipment to ensure all students have necessary items.

  8. Some activities in PE are supplemented by additional purchases made by parents, for example jump ropes. The PTO could purchase class sets of various PE equipment so the school has these materials year after year.

  9. Install a playground.

  10. Currently, the students play in the gated area in the parking lot or the gym. Depending on logistics and possibly through innovative designs, the PTO could provide a playground for the school. This may be a multi-year goal, depending on the possible plans.

  • Sharing the expense report for Trunk or Treat. How much did we fundraise?

  • Fundraising efforts

  • November and December

  • Winter Gram

  • Spring Semester

  • Spring Festival and Craft Fair: Might we combine these two?

  • What is something special that the PTO might be able to do for the teachers and staff before holiday break?

  • Yearbook Committee

  • How can families begin to share photos with us?

  • Upcoming Yearbook Committee Meeting dates are TBD.

  • Graduation Committee

  • How can we help make graduation special for 5th grade?

  • Upcoming Yearbook Committee Meeting dates are TBD.

  • Yearbook hand out

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