PTO Board Meeting with School

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

PTO Board officers met with Ms. Felicia Jones who is now taking the tentative leadership at ICAG after Ms. Ranzy’s departure and with the school nurse Ms. Verleen Lewis on Tuesday 7/14 to discuss and get clarifications on the school's re-opening plan as well as their safely protocols. 

Although it took a big turn and the school made the decision to go with 100% digital learning on the following Monday 7/20, we would like to share the latest and relevant information that was discussed during the meeting.

o Each lesson instruction will be pre-recorded by teachers and made available to all students to review at any time on Google Classroom App.

o The attendance will be determined by the on-time submission of homework assignments.

o List of school supplies will not be necessary for students who opt for 100% digital learning, until they return to school.

o The school will be providing instructions on how to access google classroom.

o The school is in the process of calling families to see if they will still be in attendance.

o An introduction communication from the class teacher will be sent to the parents around July 27th and there will be a Zoom call with the teachers and students for each grade. This is for the students to have the opportunity to meet their teachers, to get to know them and ask any questions or address any concerns.

o The teachers for each class will be introduced on 7/27 via Parents Bulletin.

o Will the curriculum night still be offered as scheduled (via zoom)?

>>Yes, the curriculum night is still scheduled but most likely be held via Zoom.

o Will the Gifted program still be offered?

>>Yes. Information will be sent to all parents prior to assessment testing. Students who are recognized by the teachers as well as those students recommended by their parents will be considered for assessment.

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