Raffle & Holiday Festival

Dear Parents,

We are happy to announce that the PTO will be holding our first annual Holiday Festival on December 16th 12PM - 4PM! The event will feature three main events:

Holiday Fair


T-Shirt Design Contest

We need your help with the following:

For Holiday Fair, we are collecting the following items:

Please sign-up and indicate what quantity of which items you will be donating. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A094AA4AE23A2F49-holiday1

- Drinks (soda, water bottles, juice boxes etc.)

- Paper bowls, disposable utensils, paper napkins

- Candies (Halloween leftover?), small toys, stickers, pencils, etc. as prizes for game/craft booths

- Origami, face paint, tattoos

- Food items to be cooked/sold at the festival

- Gently used clothing and household items for consignment sale

For School T-Shirt Design Contest,

Our children will be provided with construction paper to draw our school logo and to explore a theme “I Love My School” during their art class. We will display their art work during our Holiday Festival where everyone will have a chance to vote on one design that s/he thinks should be our school t-shirt design. We will make our school T-shirts with the winner’s design, and our children will get to wear them instead of uniform one Friday a month (tentative). We will contact you separately on art materials and supplies that will need to be donated. For T-shirt pre-order, please visit https://www.icageorgiapto.org/collection1. Shipping fees may apply if you order after December 16th.

Please sign-up to volunteer on the day of the event at:


Please be sure to sign-up for PTO enrollment so you can receive volunteer sign-up emails! https://www.icageorgiapto.org/

Thank you all for your help and we look forward to having some fun!

ICAGeorgia Parent-Teacher Organization





ホリデイフェアーラッフル(抽選会)スクールTシャツ デザインコンテスト



- ドリンク類 (ソーダ缶、ボトル水、ジュースボックスなど)

- 紙皿、使い捨てフォーク、スプーン、ナプキンなど

- ゲームの景品の為のハロウィンで余ったキャンディー、小さなオモチャ、シール、鉛筆など

- 折り紙、フェイスペインティング、タトゥーシールなど

- 当日売るカレーの材料、その他売り物になる食べ物

- コンサイメントセールのための状態の良い子供服、家庭用品など


子供達はアートクラスの時間に”I Love My School”をテーマに学校のロゴを描きます。この絵はフェスティバルの際に展示され、フェスティバルに来られた方々に一生徒の絵に投票して頂きます。見事、選ばれた子供の絵はスクールTシャツのデザインになり、1月から、生徒全員が毎月一度の金曜日(仮)、そのTシャツを着て登校して良い日が指定されます。後日、新たにアートクラス用の画用紙・絵の具などの寄付のお願いに関して連絡致します。Tシャツのプリオーダーは、https://www.icageorgiato.org/collection1にてお支払いください。12月16日以降の注文には送料が発生する可能性があるので、是非お早めに。






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