Zoo Atlanta Field Trip 2022

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The ICAG PTO is very excited to host our first field trip of the year! We are working closely with Zoo Atlanta to put together this trip and have a pretty fun itinerary! This field trip is open to all ICAG families!!

Zoo Atlanta Field Trip Details


November 5, 2022


11:00 am


Zoo Atlanta

For anyone purchasing tickets separately, please let us know if you plan to attend this field trip by RSVPing here.

Event Schedule

We will be meeting at the entrance of Zoo Atlanta at 11:00 am to begin the itinerary outlined below. Because we do not have a bus, we will not be riding together. Instead, everyone will be responsible for their own transportation. Feel free to carpool if you would like, although it isn't necessary.

For information on parking, see the Getting Here information on the Zoo Atlanta website.

11:00 am

​Let's have a picnic lunch in the park! We will meet at the Zoo entrance first and, then, have a picnic together.

This picnic serves two purposes.

  1. The families can enjoy lunch together.

  2. We can ensure that everyone who purchased a ticket is present.

Per Zoo Atlanta policy, we must enter the Zoo altogether to redeem our discounted tickets. This means that anyone who is late will not be able to enter the Zoo and they will not be able receive a refund. Without a refund from the Zoo, the ICAG PTO is unable to do a refund, too. Therefore, we are hosting a picnic in the park at 11am to allow plenty of time for everyone to arrive before entering the Zoo.

12:00 pm

Enter the Zoo.

Reminder: We will be entering Zoo Atlanta at 12pm after an hour-long picnic. Please do not be tardy. Anyone who does not enter the Zoo with the group will not be able to enter the Zoo. If you purchase our discounted tickets, you must enter the Zoo with us as a group. We will not be able to offer refunds to anyone who is late and not able to enter the Zoo.

18:00 pm

Zoo closes.

Once we enter Zoo Atlanta, everyone is free to go where they would like. We do not need to stay together as a group once inside the park. This also means that everyone can leave when they'd prefer. Zoo Atlanta is open until 18:00, so feel free to stay until they close if you'd like, too.

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